Extra Organic Flax Wallcovering

Digimura 1.1 Stucco has a beautifully elegant plaster finish reminiscent of an architectural decorative plaster.

Classically sophisticated, this finish is versatile enough to work harmoniously with graceful imagery intended as ambient backdrops as well as vibrant murals.

A tear resistant, ecological wallcovering which has high UV resistance, heat insulation and sound absorbing properties.

sound absorbing properties accoustic panels room dividers ceiling wall

Non-woven, biodegradeable 65% Flax 35% Viscose

Paste the wall application.

A+ VOC rating (very low VOCs).

Perfect for high-traffic commercial interiors such as hotel corridors, restaurants, bars, offices and retail spaces.

Our flax wallpaper is a nonwoven wallpaper

consisting of 100 % natural fibers – flax

and a small amount of viscose originating

from sustainably managed forests. As wall

decoration it gives your home a completely

new, natural flair. The flax fibers are clearly

visible on the surface and give our natural

wallpaper its distinctive appearance.

The flax plant itself naturally possesses

properties that especially help our wallpaper

have enormous natural given advantages.

Flax fibers are plain and therefore, textile

products made of flax are lint-free and less

susceptible to bacteria and dirt. Moreover,

the fibers can absorb 35 % of the air humidity

and release it as necessary. Furthermore,

the flax fiber is tear-resistant and therefore,

sturdy and durable. Vibration dampening and

insulating properties as well as its natural UVresistance

are further positive aspects that

add to the

Finish: Textured

Our plain flax wallpaper is certified according


Weight: 130 gsm

Unprinted roll size: 1100mm x 50m

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

Fire rating EN 15102:2007+A1:2011 BB-s1, d0

Digimura 2.1

Digimura 2.1

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Digimura 1.1

Digimura 1.1

Digimura 1.1: fabric backed vinyl wallcovering range.

Design Collection

Design Collection

Colour, iridescent pearls, brushed metals, exquisite textures and luxurious textiles; it’s all there to inspire designers and clients looking to create bespoke interiors.



Muramour: medium traffic paper backed vinyl wallcoverings.

Digimura NW

Digimura NW

Digimura NW: non-woven wallcovering range.



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